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Marine Proximity Company (MarineProx) designs, manufactures and installs distance proximity systems for a number of marine industries including Naval Defense, Cruise Lines, Oil Carriers, Marine freight, yachts and other marine applications. This patented system is now commercially available and has been approved for and :
  • Installed on US Navy TAO Class delivery vessels
  • Installed on US Navy DDG-1000 Zumwalt class stealth destroyers (installed by Raytheon Corporation)
  • Documented in US Navy NAVSEA procurement and installation procedures
  • Approved in US Navy TRANSALT for installation
  • Approved in NATO ATP-16 RAS procedures

Systems have been approved by the US Navy in its Naval Warfare procedures as well as NATO’s ATP-16 regulations and standards for Replenishment At Sea (RAS).

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The technique of replenishment at sea (RAS) enables a fleet or naval formation to remain at sea for prolonged periods. RAS is accomplished by means of one or more horizontally oriented rigs that connect the delivering ship with the receiving ship. These transfers may be augmented by vertically oriented transfers that utilize a helicopter.

Replenishment operations must be accomplished in conjunction with and in support of the combatant force's assigned mission or task. The most significant factor to be considered in any planned replenishment is the receiving ship's ability to use the delivering ship's rig.


The supplying ship's primary function in a replenishment operation is the efficient transfer of liquid and/or solid cargo. The rate of transfer is controlled by the customer ship's ability to receive and handle the liquids and solids.  MarineProx’s patented system provides for:

  • Decreased incidences of accidental fatalities
  • Reduced injury to marine personnel
  • Reduction of operational expenses

The time required for replenishment must be reduced to a minimum consistent with safety of equipment and personnel.  MarineProx’s systems provide for this.


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patented technology

Patented System:
This invention allows personnel located on two different structures, such as two ships, to continually monitor the separation distance between the two structures, with all of the necessary equipment being located on only one of the structures. This is accomplished using a range sensor, to continually measure separation distance and send it electronically to various displays. The displays are positioned and sized such that all involved personnel can view the continually updating separation distances. The invention incorporates displays large enough to be viewed ship-to-ship in direct sunlight, in addition to smaller displays for as an example, bridge installations. The displays are dimmable or backlit for night viewing and include a safety feature that turns them off when communication is lost with any range sensor. A strobe on the display helps personnel find where the display has been positioned, such as on a ships gunwale or hand railing.

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